there's still time.

Between now and 2050, we will need to produce more food than in the last 8,000 years of human agriculture combined. This is a daunting task, and its success will depend on making the current food industry as efficient and sustainable as possible. According to Project Drawdown, reducing food waste is the #1 best way to prevent global warming of 2 degrees Celsius by 2050.   In order to ensure the well-being of Earth's ecosystems and inhabitants, we must completely rethink food. This is the mission of The 2050 Company.

let's talk specifics.

The 2050 Mission is simple  ― every product, operation, or promotion we commit to should have a net-positive impact on the planet, bringing us closer to a green 2050. Since we are a young start-up with limited resources, we have decided to focus on three keys goals that will scale with our business's growth.

1. Reduce Pre-Consumer Food Waste

50% of all fruits and vegetables grown in the U.S. end up in landfills. This problem permeates the entire food industry ― farms, distributors, and grocery stores all throw out perfectly good fruit simply because it is deemed too "ugly" for consumers.

The 2050 Smoothie is specifically designed to address this problem.

  • Each smoothie is made with rescued produce. We are always working to increase the percentage of rescued produce in each smoothie as the business grows. With each purchase, our sustainable impact grows even larger!

  • Our rescued produce is freeze dried to increase shelf life to 2 years, and effectively eliminate waste due to perishability. Then, it is ground to a fine powder, to further eliminate waste due to cosmetic differences.

  • We continuously work to find new local farms and distributors. These partnerships ultimately minimize the distance our fruit must travel.

2. Reduce Consumer Food Waste

The United States is one of only a few countries worldwide with a higher rate of waste once the consumer brings fruit home than in any other step in the food's life cycle. A recent study by the USDA found that the healthiest Americans waste the most, largely because of their higher intake of highly perishable fruits and vegetables.

  • The 2050 Smoothie is as healthy as any fruit smoothie, while drastically reducing the associated waste.

  • Since The 2050 Smoothie is made of freeze dried produce, it is shelf-stable for up to 2 years. You will never have to throw out your smoothie supplies simply because you didn't use them in time.

  • Remarkably, our smoothies require no artificial preservatives to achieve this longevity. The only ingredient is real fruit.

3. Reduce Packaging Waste
 The world produces 400 million tons of plastic each year and 50% of all plastic waste comes from single-use products. The harm of single-use plastics on our planet is pretty well documented, so we will skip to the point.
  • The 2050 Company is committed to using reusable, recyclable, and compostable packaging whenever possible. After all, it would be pretty pointless to wrap our sustainable smoothies in single-used plastic destined for a landfill.
  • The packaging for our Rainier Berry smoothies is 100% reusable and dishwasher safe! 


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